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10 Worst TV Role Models — Part 1

From a resource that is a must for all parents and teachers when it comes to keeping up with our students’ media lives – You can sign up for their weekly newsletter.  Meantime, this article also has a link to the 10 BEST TV role models. [EF]

What Are Kids Learning from TV Characters?

When it comes to sex, violence, drinking, bullying, and other sensitive topics, you want messages about right and wrong to come from you — not, say, Snooki from Jersey Shore.

But surprisingly, Snooki might be more of an ally than you think. Talking about TV characters and their choices can be a great way to start conversations with your kids about their own behavior. We encourage you to get familiar with the characters kids are watching — whether you love or hate them — and sneak in a little parental direction between Snooki’s visits to the bar….

LINK TO FULL ARTICLE: 10 Worst TV Role Models — Part 1 | Common Sense Media.

POST SOURCE: Common Sense Media

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Educational AND Entertaining?

In WHERE DID IT COME FROM?, host Michael Guillen investigates the similarities between modern technology and early practices of ancient civilizations. Exploring topics like warfare, agriculture, and medicine, Guillen works with experts in each field…Read this review at

Where Did It Come From? – Television Review.

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Skins – Television Review

The latest “hot” show about dating/crushes, friendship, peer pressure, sexuality, substance abuse. Read this review at

Skins – Television Review.

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