10 Worst TV Role Models — Part 1

From a resource that is a must for all parents and teachers when it comes to keeping up with our students’ media lives – commonsensemedia.org. You can sign up for their weekly newsletter.  Meantime, this article also has a link to the 10 BEST TV role models. [EF]

What Are Kids Learning from TV Characters?

When it comes to sex, violence, drinking, bullying, and other sensitive topics, you want messages about right and wrong to come from you — not, say, Snooki from Jersey Shore.

But surprisingly, Snooki might be more of an ally than you think. Talking about TV characters and their choices can be a great way to start conversations with your kids about their own behavior. We encourage you to get familiar with the characters kids are watching — whether you love or hate them — and sneak in a little parental direction between Snooki’s visits to the bar….

LINK TO FULL ARTICLE: 10 Worst TV Role Models — Part 1 | Common Sense Media.

POST SOURCE: Common Sense Media

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