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Five Ways to Teach Black History Month – Nat Geo Education Blog

Perhaps as we enter the middle of the month you’re finding yourself looking for resources.  This blog is a great path into the pages and treasures of National Geographic. [EF]

February is the month when we celebrate the rich history of the Black Diaspora and honor the brave men and women who have fought for the civil rights of African Americans.

National Geographic Education has just released a collection of resources to help educators teach this important topic to students of all backgrounds. Here are highlights from the collection comprising five ideas for classroom instruction.

Read inspiring profiles of prominent African Americans, from inventors of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries to Mary Seacole, the black nurse/businesswoman/author/war heroine your students have probably never heard of.

LINK: Five Ways to Teach Black History Month

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“I came, I saw, I friended Pompey on the Internet”

This week putting the spotlight on an 8th grade History project at Roland Park Country School of Maryland….
Each spring, eighth grade students at Roland Park Country School (Maryland) use my faculty website to conduct activities of a most peculiar kind. They post pictures of ancient statues and claim that the works represent them. In “status updates,” they proudly announce that they have been elected “consul” or “tribune,” or have written a particularly insightful book on Germanic tribes, or have become an expert in weaving wool…


By Justin Short, 8th Grade History Teacher

Link to Roland Park Country School website

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Taking a Stand: Models of Civic Participation

“What does it take to stand up for an idea? Why do some people choose to take action to address a wrong, while others choose to standby and watch? This lesson outline invites students to reflect on several episodes when individuals chose to take stand, and to also consider how these examples relate to their own lives. Readings are drawn from the Choosing to Participate study guide, and from the Holocaust and Human Behavior resource book.”

A Lesson Plan from the website Facing History & Ourselves.

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Webquest: Nicaragua

Nicaragua Quest is a project-based learning experience designed to engage students in the politics, history, and culture of Nicaragua through role-playing, and discussion.

Nicaragua Quest.

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Educational AND Entertaining?

In WHERE DID IT COME FROM?, host Michael Guillen investigates the similarities between modern technology and early practices of ancient civilizations. Exploring topics like warfare, agriculture, and medicine, Guillen works with experts in each field…Read this review at

Where Did It Come From? – Television Review.

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