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Free websites (seriously!)

Which of the following would interest you: A site that takes a field trip packet and converts it into an app? A site that allows you to organize online videos that you want students to see, without the extraneous “stuff” on sites like YouTube? Or a site with multimedia study materials?  That’s just three of the ten listed and yep, it’s all free!!! [EF]

Cash-strapped schools can’t stop giving students the resources they need to learn and develop 21st century skills simply because budgets are tight. Luckily, educators can turn to free online resources to help them find and organize lesson plans, give students extra help in various subjects, and more.

During a webinar on, an educational social networking site for teachers and administrators, presenter Shannon Holden, a former teacher and assistant principal, and adjunct instructor at Lindenwood University and Missouri State University, shared a number of free online resources to help educators take advantage of what the internet has to offer.

FULL ARTICLE:  Free websites help boost student engagement, teacher productivity

POST SOURCE: Laura Devaney of eSchool News

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Give and Ye Shall Receive

For those who don’t know, PLN stands for “Personal Learning Network.”  This is a useful way to share what you’re doing as well as benefit from others.  A mutual-sharing society, as it were. [EF]

Do you spend too much time planning lessons and searching for resources online? Do you have trouble organizing your lesson files? Would you like to be able to access your lessons from any computer, and share them with colleagues? may be the tool you need.

ClassConnect is a relatively new website for finding and sharing lesson resources. It supports multiple file types, including documents, website URLs, and videos. Users can either upload their own files or embed files from Google Docs or video sharing sites such as YouTube. Each account comes with 512 MB of storage, which includes files that you’ve linked to from other users.

FULL ARTICLE: An Innovative Way To Share Lesson Plans With Your Entire PLN


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What’s a GivaGeta…and other Character Ed sites

CHARACTERplus®, a project of Cooperating School Districts, reaches more than 600 schools in over 100 districts, 25,000 teachers and more than 300,000 students throughout Missouri and Illinois.

The organization offers all sorts of resources (note: some for sale), but best of all, their links to Character Ed related web sites is both comprehensive and manageable at the same time.

Whether it’s GivaGetas, iSafe or the Why Try Organization, this list is worth reviewing.

CLICK HERE FOR Character Education Resources from CharacterPlus.

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Instructables—Make, How To, and DIY| The Committed Sardine

Jason Ohler posted this at the 21st Century Fluency Project.  If you’re looking for a creative way to give students a chance to apply knowledge, read on…

I just spent way more time than I have absolutely riveted to this site: Instructables. As the name implies, it instructs readers, but not on how to know stuff, but on how to make stuff. In the virtual age we have adapted to, actually doing something sticks out like a flashing neon sign.

What can you make? Thousands of things. What kinds of things? You name it. Cool clocks, cheap robots, plastic from scratch—even brain controlled wheelchairs. And before you say to yourself, “these people have too much time on their hands,” check it out. I see dozens if not hundreds of cool, low cost school projects here. This is a genuinely user-driven site aimed at educating and empowering the innovator within on a limited budget.

via Instructables—Make, How To, and DIY| The Committed Sardine.

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Webquest: Nicaragua

Nicaragua Quest is a project-based learning experience designed to engage students in the politics, history, and culture of Nicaragua through role-playing, and discussion.

Nicaragua Quest.

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