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Instructables—Make, How To, and DIY| The Committed Sardine

Jason Ohler posted this at the 21st Century Fluency Project.  If you’re looking for a creative way to give students a chance to apply knowledge, read on…

I just spent way more time than I have absolutely riveted to this site: Instructables. As the name implies, it instructs readers, but not on how to know stuff, but on how to make stuff. In the virtual age we have adapted to, actually doing something sticks out like a flashing neon sign.

What can you make? Thousands of things. What kinds of things? You name it. Cool clocks, cheap robots, plastic from scratch—even brain controlled wheelchairs. And before you say to yourself, “these people have too much time on their hands,” check it out. I see dozens if not hundreds of cool, low cost school projects here. This is a genuinely user-driven site aimed at educating and empowering the innovator within on a limited budget.

via Instructables—Make, How To, and DIY| The Committed Sardine.

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2012 NAIS Virtual Science Fair

Did you know this was out there?  The homepage lists participating schools if you want to gather more information.

In this unique forum, middle school teams of 1-3 students, research a topic of interest within the sciences. What makes this science fair different from the rest? With the aid of an e-mentor, these students compete locally and nationally with other NAIS-member schools from around the country in a virtual platform. E-mentors are carefully chosen scientists, college science and/or education majors and professors from across the globe…



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Studies Find Students Learn More by ‘Acting Out’ Text

 -Everyone knows that act outs help students learn words, but how often do we use acting in math classes?

“While most readers might think of curling up in a quiet place with a good book, a new series of studies suggests young students may comprehend more if they take a more active approach to reading.  A series of experimentsRequires Adobe Acrobat Reader by researchers at Arizona State University in Tempe and the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests that students can understand and infer more by physically acting out text—either in real life or virtually—than by reading alone.”


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Scientists mentor Falmouth students

-Here’s how one school connects students with local scientists to do real-live field work.

“As Falmouth Academy (Massachusetts) sophomores Dan Eder and Tyler Barron considered topics for research projects for their science fair last year, they read statistics indicating a high rate of Alzheimer’s disease on Cape Cod. They told their biology teacher, Alison Ament, they wanted to learn more about human memory. She put them in touch with Alan Kuzirian, a scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory down the road in the science community of Woods Hole…..”   CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Link to FALMOUTH ACADEMY website

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