WeTopia Transforms Online Gaming Addiction Into Social Good

From the old if you can’t beat ’em category…at least time spent playing this video game could improve the lives of actual children.

Know any Farmville addicts? About 30 million people spend time on the game every day, pruning digital trees or exchanging cash for virtual tractors.While social gaming may be fun, there’s something absurd about buying fake goods. But what if all that energy and economic activity went to something productive in the real world instead?

That’s the value proposition behind WeTopia, a new social game from Sojo Studios that lets gamers directly fund initiatives to improve the lives of children.

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“I came, I saw, I friended Pompey on the Internet”

This week putting the spotlight on an 8th grade History project at Roland Park Country School of Maryland….
Each spring, eighth grade students at Roland Park Country School (Maryland) use my faculty website to conduct activities of a most peculiar kind. They post pictures of ancient statues and claim that the works represent them. In “status updates,” they proudly announce that they have been elected “consul” or “tribune,” or have written a particularly insightful book on Germanic tribes, or have become an expert in weaving wool…


By Justin Short, 8th Grade History Teacher

Link to Roland Park Country School website

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Wisconsin Researchers Use Games to Engage Science Learners

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin’s Educational Research Integration Area look to games to teach about viruses, diabetes and science/heath topics.

“Making learning fun is the Promise Land of education reform, and joining the crusade is the Educational Research Integration Area, a University of Wisconsin laboratory run by Susan Millar. The lab, which is part of the Morgridge Institute for Research, studies and designs games that help educate students about science…”


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‘Safe’ Social Networking Tailored for K-12 Schools

-Is there such a thing as “safe” social networking? If so, is it REALLY useful to the classroom environment?

“This school year, the students in Robert A. Miller’s 5th grade class at Port Orange Elementary School in Florida have been chatting with historical figures. They’ve given Thomas Jefferson advice on how to write the Declaration of Independence and touched base with Benjamin Franklin…” CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

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Webquest: Nicaragua

Nicaragua Quest is a project-based learning experience designed to engage students in the politics, history, and culture of Nicaragua through role-playing, and discussion.

Nicaragua Quest.

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