2012 NAIS Virtual Science Fair

Did you know this was out there?  The homepage lists participating schools if you want to gather more information.

In this unique forum, middle school teams of 1-3 students, research a topic of interest within the sciences. What makes this science fair different from the rest? With the aid of an e-mentor, these students compete locally and nationally with other NAIS-member schools from around the country in a virtual platform. E-mentors are carefully chosen scientists, college science and/or education majors and professors from across the globe…



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“I came, I saw, I friended Pompey on the Internet”

This week putting the spotlight on an 8th grade History project at Roland Park Country School of Maryland….
Each spring, eighth grade students at Roland Park Country School (Maryland) use my faculty website to conduct activities of a most peculiar kind. They post pictures of ancient statues and claim that the works represent them. In “status updates,” they proudly announce that they have been elected “consul” or “tribune,” or have written a particularly insightful book on Germanic tribes, or have become an expert in weaving wool…


By Justin Short, 8th Grade History Teacher

Link to Roland Park Country School website

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Scientists mentor Falmouth students

-Here’s how one school connects students with local scientists to do real-live field work.

“As Falmouth Academy (Massachusetts) sophomores Dan Eder and Tyler Barron considered topics for research projects for their science fair last year, they read statistics indicating a high rate of Alzheimer’s disease on Cape Cod. They told their biology teacher, Alison Ament, they wanted to learn more about human memory. She put them in touch with Alan Kuzirian, a scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory down the road in the science community of Woods Hole…..”   CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Link to FALMOUTH ACADEMY website

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MICDS second-graders read for 250,000 minutes

Straight-forward…just for the sake of it!

Link to  ARTICLE

Link to Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School

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Students teach Peruvian villagers about recycling

For Milan Patel, class of ‘09 at Miami Valley School, it was a moment he will never forget. More than 3,000 miles away from the comforts of home, he stood in Buena Vista, Peru, surrounded by a group of villagers who only spoke Spanish. This was no ordinary high school Spanish exam.

FLASHBACK: Students spend Immersion teaching Peruvian villagers about recycling.

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