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Flipping isn’t just about Video Part 2: Blending

Take “flipping” and start thinking about curricular design, and you’ll see how the Hockaday school is joining the effort to “blend” online instruction or tools with bricks-and-mortar class time. [EF]

The Hockaday School recently hosted its first virtual Blended Learning Online Community (BLOC) conference, providing a forum for teachers to share best practices in creating blended learning opportunities for students. The term “blended learning” is defined in NAIS’s Online Learning Guide as learning which combines a significant portion of traditional face-to-face class time with online content delivery and learning activities. Hockaday teachers’ interest in designing blended classes accelerated after several teachers took Online School for Girls’ Blended Learning class in June 2010. Frequently, teachers gather informally, often over lunch, to share new techniques. This practice has had the additional benefit of increasing collaboration across disciplines and divisions.

FULL ARTICLE: Collaborating with Peer Schools about Blended Learning

POST SOURCE: NAIS Stories of Excellence

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