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Flipping isn’t just about Video Part 1: Wikis, Nings, & More

Remember nings and wiki’s?  Do you even know what these are? These tools are also part of the flipped teachers repertoire, based on the idea of de-coupling student opportunities to dialogue from the scheduled class periods during the day. [EF]

What does it mean to use technology as a pedagogical method? This is a challenging question for teachers who are bombarded with new technologies for our classrooms. It is one thing to use technology occasionally and another to integrate it into the pedagogical process. Two years ago it all changed for Sandra Switzer, an upper school religion teacher at The Lovett School, and her students. For the first time, technology became integral to the classroom, directing, enlivening, and strengthening the educational process. She and the students had “flipped…”

FULL ARTICLE: Flipped Classroom: Not What You Think

POST SOURCE: Laura Diesley – NAIS Stories of Excellence

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