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How to Think Like a Master Teacher: A Stop Doing List!

We’ve all seen programs to help support beginning teachers, but how often have you seen a “Stop Doing” list?  If you’re a mentor, use these 7 items as a year-end reflection tool for a new teacher.  Heck, it’s a good tool for ALL teachers. [EF]

We can demystify great teaching by helping new teachers practice seven principles.

My first year of teaching was a trial by fire. I started in the middle of the school year, taking over for a beloved teacher who was retiring. The problem was, he didn’t tell his students. So, the first day of the new semester they walked in expecting to see their favorite teacher, and instead, they got me. It was not a good start….

FULL ARTICLE: Supporting Beginning Teachers: How to Think Like a Master Teacher by Robyn Jackson

POST SOURCE: Educational Leadership

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