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Does Female Representation in Government = Peace?

Do you know what the Global Peace Index is?  Would you believe someone who said they could “prove” the correlation between women representatives and a nation’s peacefulness?  If you’ve got one of those “dead” advisories with 10th graders, show this chart and watch the sparks fly! [EF]

Today’s news that Senator Olympia Snowe, the perennially moderate Republican from Maine, would not be seeking re-election has many politicos and pundits wondering whether the GOP can hold that seat…

…This got me thinking about the impact of female representation in government upon various characteristics of a society, particularly with regard to a country’s violent or peaceful tendencies. There’s an interesting dataset called the Global Peace Index (GPI), a product of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)….

…What you find, if you compare a country’s female representation in government to its GPI score, is a downward trend….

FULL ARTICLE:  Chicken or Egg: Does female representation in Government lead to Peace?


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