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Global Service Learning – Lakeside School (Washington)

Here’s a look at what the Lakeside School is doing around service learning…as well as a link to the NAIS annual conference preview…

The Global Service Learning (GSL) program is an important piece of Lakeside School’s Mission Focus, which is “to foster the development of citizens capable of and committed to interacting compassionately, ethically, and successfully with diverse peoples and cultures to create a more humane, sustainable, global society.” The GSL program seeks to develop in students greater sensitivity to and respect for cultural difference and an understanding of the shared humanity that unites our global community. As of today, 578 students have participated in the GSL program, which the school’s endowment subsidizes.

LINK: Spotlight on Lakeside School (Washington) – 2012 NAIS Annual Conference.

Post Source: NAIS Annual Conference Preview. Link to Lakeside School website.

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