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Announcing: The Flipped Learning Network

Imagine that you’re an expert in a particular area, in this case flipping, and have become inundated with requests to help and overwhelmed by your own desire to make a difference. So what do you do?  Start a resource network.  If you’re at ALL interested in flipping your class, you should check this out. [EF]

As Aaron and I have been all over training teachers we have come to the realization that the key to making flipped class movement grow is the need to train teachers in this new methodology. We realize that we could go on the lecture-consulting circuit and become experts, but we realize that flipping is much bigger than the two of us. We have always had the heart to simply help teachers do what is best for their students. To that end we will be launching the Flipped Learning Network (, a nonprofit organization that has the vision and goals listed below….

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POST SOURCE: Jon Bergmann of Flipped Learning

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TED-Ed’s New Video Tool Allows Anyone To Create Video Lessons Online

FINALLY, an easy way to take a video on YouTube and turn it into a lesson. TedEd has the tools to add questions, text you type, and links to go along with that video.  There are even built-in tracking tools a la Khan academy.  After creating an account, it took me less than 5 minutes to set up a lesson with one question and additional links.  The “make-a-lesson-in-real-time” possibilities are great!  This is post from Anya Kamenetz at [EF]

TED-Ed’s new free platform allows anyone to “flip” any video on YouTube by adding custom content to play alongside it, making it possible to turn any piece of video content into a teachable moment.

This morning, the TED conference expanded their TED-Ed initiative with a new set of interactive features, created with $1.25 million of corporate support, designed to make it easier for teachers to build video lessons. What’s cool is that anyone can use this simple platform to pair any video on YouTube–not just TED Talks–with custom content. TED calls this “flipping the video,” a clear reference to the idea of “flipping the classroom” popularized by Sal Khan’s Khan Academy and others. Basically it means making students responsible for lecture-like content outside of class via video, freeing up classroom time for discussion and individualized work.

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