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Stocks, Dividends, and Inflation Explained in Under Two Minutes

More good stuff from Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers. While he references business topics here, EXPLANIA covers many topics – from Ecology to Health…

Through Explania I have just discovered a great collection of short video explanations of important topics in economics. Investopedia has a great YouTube channel in which they explain in two minutes or less concepts like inflation, stocks, and dividends. I’ve embedded a couple Investopedia explanations below….

LINK: Stocks, Dividends, and Inflation Explained in Under Two Minutes.

POST SOURCE: Free Technology for Teachers

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Global Economics Gets a Facelift With The Atlas of Economic Complexity

Economists Ricardo Hausmann and César Hidalgo released their Atlas of Economic Complexity at the Harvard Center for International Development on Thursday. The 300-plus page atlas is unlike any you’ve seen before—it doesn’t inform readers where they are geographically, and it won’t be any help when charting pan-continental adventures. But from an economic perspective, the atlas will tell readers where their countries rank in terms of productivity—and, most astonishingly, where it will be in 10 years.

It’s not a crystal ball, but it could very well be a map for global investment over the next decade. Plus, it sure is pretty to look at.


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