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School Counselor Facebook Guide Released

Thanks to Ian Quillen for this post on EdWeek’s Digital Education page.  We all had moments during the year that caused us to reflect on net-iquette, here’s a good checklist and link to resources regarding Facebook. [EF]

With the prevalence of Facebook as one of the dominant social networks among young users, and the growing public awareness of issues like cyberbullying, online privacy, and digital literacy, the American School Counselor Association has combined with iKeepSafe, an Internet safety advocacy group, to publish a guide to help school counselors make sense of the platform and its on-campus impact.

Now, don’t be fooled. “Facebook for School Counselors” is not actually a social media site (as at least one Digital Education blogger first believed.) But it is available for download, and it does offer tips for counselor actions in four areas…

FULL ARTICLE: School Counselor Facebook Guide Released

POST SOURCE: Digital Education at EdWeek.

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