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Can you Flip and Blend? And do you know Ed-Ted?

We start this week with an explanation of what “flipping” is, then provide some resources – including a link to Hockaday’s efforts to create a “blended” network – and finish with a big shout out to the folks at TedTalks.  The new ed.ted tool allows you to use online videos to create lessons (with comcomitant questions and links) as fast as you can point and click. Thanks to Jac de Haan for this week’s lead. [EF]

This position piece was a response to a Learning & Leading prompt, submitted April 9, 2012:

While many teachers have been introduced to “the flip” via the video lessons of pioneers, video is just one example of an evolving flipped teaching sensibility. Flipping is the act of identifying rote or procedural elements of a lesson, shifting this repetitive content to a medium not bound by teacher availability, and empowering students to take an active role in their education…

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