What My 7th Grade Science Teacher Taught Me About Talent Management

We hang our hat on the fact that the lessons we teach are about more than our subject-matter.  You never know when a lesson or activity just really might alter someone’s life experiences…

I had a fantastic middle school science teacher, Mrs. McLean, who retired last year after nearly 30 years in the classroom. (Such a shame for the district, but well deserved!) She was not afraid to go outside the box and get messy to enhance the learning experience for her students. She blew things up during class experiments and dropped objects off the school roof to make her lessons more engaging. She took us on field trips and supported her students in extracurricular activities. She also gave students compliments in class and pulled them aside to offer encouragement if she thought they could do better.

There are many lessons I still carry with me from Mrs. McLean’s class, but one in particular has relevance for talent managers…

LINK: What My 7th Grade Science Teacher Taught Me About Talent Management

Post Source: EdWeek: K-12 Talent Manager

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