Are Teachers Overpaid? A Response to Critics

If you haven’t had a link to the original article forwarded to you yet, you will soon.  The link below actually takes you to the response to the response to the original article about teacher-pay.  This is one case where you can start at the end of the story…

It is a view as ubiquitous as it is simplistic: To improve public education, pay teachers more—a lot more. Union officials, education reformers, scholars, laypeople, and politicians of all stripes endorse this principle in one form or another.

However, as we determined in a study released Nov. 1, 2011, by the Heritage Foundation, “Assessing the Compensation of Public-School Teachers,” the average public school teacher already is paid more than what he or she is likely to earn in the private sector. Although some may well be underpaid, the typical public school teacher makes roughly $1.52 for every dollar made by a private-sector employee with similar skills.

LINK: Are Teachers Overpaid? A Response to Critics.

LINK: Assessing Compensation (original study)

LINK to NYTimes op-ed by Nicholas Kristof referencing the study: The Value of Teachers

Post Source: Education Week

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