Whom We Admit, What We Deny

Provocative assertions from a famous provocateur…what Alfie Kohn has to say about selective admissions.

“Send us winners and we’ll make winners out of them.”— James Moffett

What does it mean when a school, having rejected a child who applied for admission, explains that he or she just “isn’t a good fit” (or “match”) with the school? In some cases, sure, the phrase would seem appropriate — for example, if there’s a marked discrepancy between the school’s and the family’s religious orientations, or if the school is committed to progressive education while the parents demand grades, quizzes, worksheets, and traditional discipline….

LINK: Whom We Admit, What We Deny: The Meaning of Selective Admissions.

Post Source: Winter 2012 issue of Independent School magazine.  Also can be found on the Articles page of Alfie Kohn’s website.

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