Ravitch: Whose Children Are Left Behind?

Ravitch’s willingness to challenge prevailing winds and her efforts to focus decision-making on relevant data offers a lesson for all educators. Besides, all teachers need to be aware of national trends in education.

Ravitch: Whose Children Are Left Behind?

I thought testing would help diagnose the problem and help teachers identify kids’ needs and that charters would serve the underserved and collaborate with public schools. I was wrong on all accounts, said Diane Ravitch in her Friday keynote speech at the Opportunity to Learn Summit, in Washington, D.C.

Ravitch, an education historian and former advocate for charters and standardized testing, examined some of the outcomes of a system that holds up testing and charters as holy grails and allows both to spread indiscriminately…

LINK:  Ravitch: Whose Children Are Left Behind?.

Post Source: ASCD Community Blog: inservice – Bryan Harris

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