The Power of Mistakes: Creating a Risk-Tolerant Culture at Home and School

Ever spend time looking for a “handout” to send home to parents/students that would clearly articulate the value of fostering risk-tolerance?  There’s nothing “new” here, but this article provides an “expert” opinion to help you explain just why it is that you’re going to hold firm on a boundary…

Educators and parents want their kids to seek challenges and persist through difficulty—but so often, they don’t. It’s all too familiar: John always takes the easy way out; Angel gives up at the first sign of difficulty; Anna falls apart when she gets a disappointing grade.

Of course, struggling students are especially vulnerable to helplessness and fear of failure. But even high-performing kids fall prey to test anxiety, or avoid that one subject that fills them with dread. Why does this happen? And what can we do about it?

CLICK HERE FOR MORE: The Power of Mistakes: Creating a Risk-Tolerant Culture at Home and School.

Post Source: Growth Mindset Newsletter – November, 2011

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