About the EdFive

What’s everyone talking about in and around the world of education?

Overwhelmed by posts, tweets, daily emails, or even “old-fashioned” paper magazines piling up on your desk? When you get around to reading do you actually read or just skim? Ever wished that there was someone out there collating the thousands of stories, articles, or opinions for you? Did you even know there is an education “twitter-verse”? Have you said to yourself, “I wish I knew more about what other schools are actually doing?” The EdFive is designed to offer a broad overview of current trends both inside the classroom as well as in the greater community around us. The EdFive also leverages the power of web-browsing: never more than five posts on a page, entries are organized into manageable categories, archived for searches, and tagged for cross-referencing.

The Goals for the EdFive:

1) Review and read what’s out “there” in print, media, and online regarding general education trends and teaching practices, sifting through emails, tweets, websites, blogs, and more…

2) Introduce you to sites and sources that you didn’t know exist. Read or view an article once, pass a lesson plan along, or just use the entries to explore websites you didn’t know about to find out more specifics in areas of interest to you.

3) Never more than five entries on the front page will make “reading” easier.

Send in suggestions!


The EdFive is edited by Corbett Simons, seventeen year veteran of the education arena.  He has taught and served as principal in independent schools in New Orleans and San Francisco.  Learn more about him on our ABOUT THE EDITOR page.

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