About the Editor

The EdFive is edited by Corbett Simons, seventeen year veteran of the education arena.  He has taught and served as principal in independent schools in New Orleans and San Francisco.

An avid consumer of educational media, Corbett brings a wide perspective to the ever-maddening search for relevant and useful info sent out into the inter-webs by folks working in and around the world of education.

His sense of what’s “meaningful and manageable” is based on a variety of experiences in the following areas:

  • 10 years as Division Principal – including time spent at Middle & Upper School levelsDSCF2009_2
  • 7 years as a History teacher grades 8-12
  • Basketball (including 2 6th grade championships!) and Softball coach at Middle School, Junior Varsity, & Varsity levels
  • Experience using technology in the classroom from wikis to webpage creation.
  • Developer of teacher-leader training programs
  • 7 years as leader for divisions with one-to-one laptop programs
  • Multi-event presenter at NAIS and ISAS conferences and TCPI (Teacher of Color Preparatory Institute)
  • Outdoor Education Leader – accompanied over 20 trips and developed a three-year trip sequence for Metairie Park Country Day
  • App developer
  • 3 years experience working in film and commercial production

He welcomes any and all feedback, references, links, and even old school emails HERE.

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